Principal's Message

A river begins from a trickle, till by degrees it surges into a steady flow. A songster warbles from a low note to reach a high spirited soprano. Everything in nature has the knack of growing and spreading, not suddenly, but gradually. Likewise SHCS is striving, and successfully at that, year after year to touch new heights and achieve new glories. The institution has been nourished by caring hands and I feel privileged at being assigned my present duty to serve the institution and the community.

Sacred Heart Convent Sr. Sec. School, Jagadhri is a home where students strive to be academically proficient, socially conscious and technologically adept global citizens, who would value and respect all life around them without distinction and discrimination.

I believe that in promoting the success of each student we must open our minds and hearts. Each student comes to school excited to learn and it is our goal to sustain that excitement. Our task is to capture the children’s imagination, extend their abilities and enable their potentials to unfold. This is one of the gifts we would like to see the children take away with them from their SHCS experience.

Our goal is to provide the very best in learning opportunities for our students by providing a high quality curriculum that addresses students’ varied levels of emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual development. Our talented and innovative teachers support students to understand as active learners, who are on an exciting and rewarding journey towards becoming successful, intelligent and responsible citizens. Our endeavour is to provide a combination of positive, caring and supportive learning environment with a climate of high quality expectations.

Parent involvement in their children’s education is a key to their success as lifelong learners. At SHCS, parents, teachers, support staff and administration work in partnership to promote the attitudes needed to guide and support the learning process for the children. Not forgetting the students who have passed out from the school, I would like to acknowledge the fact that our ex-students have made us proud by excelling in various fields.

Sr. Tesvin S.D.