Examination & Promotion

Two Semester Examinations besides other periodical test are held. One must not be absent oneself from any examination except when prevented by reason of health in which case medical certificate may be submitted.

Any kind of malpractice in the examination, is punishable with expulsion from the Examination Hall and Subsequent Cancellation of the paper or the whole Examination. Promotions are granted on the basis of the whole years work of the pupil, hence the importance of regularity in attendance and works.

Pupils absent from Examination and monthly test for any reason are not re-examined and those absent without grave reasons will be considered as having failed. A pupil who fails twice in the same class will be asked to leave the school.

Results are declared at the end of the year is final. They will not be reconsidered and answer paper will not be shown as well.

GRADING: Classes VI to X

Marks Range Grade Grade Point
91 – 100 A1 10
81 – 90 A2 9
71 – 80 B1 8
61 – 70 B2 7
51 – 60 C1 6
41 – 50 C2 5
31 – 40 D 4
21 – 30 E1 -
0 – 20 E2 -

Classes XI & XII Board Pattern (Three Terminal Examinations will be conducted)

Criterion for promotion
Grade D and above (First Semester + Second Semester)