Our Vision

Our Vision and endeavors are to ensure excellence in teaching and learning so that each child in his capacity is able to render his duties in a responsible manner and lead a value based life in the diverse and challenging world of today.

The Sacred Heart Convent Sr. Sec. School, Jagadhri perseveres meticulously to incorporate ethics, morality and the essential virtues of a good human being. Our vision includes keeping the graph of excellence accelerating in academics, sports activities and co-curricular activities. Academics lie at the heart of the curriculum. Affiliated to CBSE and adhering with closest proximity to CCE pattern, care is taken that each child, regardless of gender and socio-economic condition is given a strong foundation. The foundation laid in the primary section enables the child to master the various streams at Sr.Sec. level examination which includes Commerce, Medical as well as Non-Medical.

Disciplined life regulates the mind and body. It is mandatory for students to follow the rules and regulations of the school which have been carefully designed in order to instill the values of self control and a civic sense in them. Students are constantly monitored and informed about cyber safety in order to curb the misuse of social net-working sites.

As part of technological upgradation we have installed EduComp Smart Class system in all the class rooms. This initiative will provide interactive teaching and learning and prove to be a milestone in the history of the school.